NATUMAT – the pioneer brand of natural woven fabric from Taiwan, belongs to the entity – Full Shuay Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1992.

With 30 years’ experience, NATUMAT offers multiple services, including woven fabric manufacturing and OEM / ODM of panel blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds and wall coverings. Natural woven fabrics can not only be used in window treatments and wall coverings, but also in wide variety home décor- such as lampshades, placemats, storage holders and more.

In order to fulfill premium customized market and readymade for retailers, NATUMAT developed kinds of weaving craft. The experience supplying the biggest furnishing chain store grands NATUMAT strong knowledge in production and compliance. You can always experience the exclusive-one-stop-service with us, from co-design, sampling to mass production.


NATUMAT, a compound word of natural materials. It is the attitude from the founder Mr. Tung- be responsible to the environment and respect the nature. The core spirit of NATUMAT is providing the healthy, relaxing and natural concepts into our life to build the superior quality living environment. We expect our nature inspired fabrics can make consumers immerse themselves in the natural and cozy space.

We have applied recycled polyester (rPET) for years and the FSC supply chain has been secured since 2016. Always think for a better future, NATUMAT dedicates in sustainability and we share this value with our partners.

What we focus on is not only the environmental protection, but the employees’ benefit and safety. To ensure that all the staffs work under security, based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we promote occupational safety and health. NATUMAT continue to move towards mutual prosperity, welfare and environmental sustainability.


Cooperating with the giant wholesalers over the decades grands us strong ability to develop. Moreover, the lean production concept. and automation has been implemented for years. These advantages drive us to achieve high-capacity rate and stable quality.

NATUMAT is manufacturing a variety of shades such as roller, vertical, and panel blinds. Furthermore, the window treatment of custom-made by ODM or OEM is always the best choice to meet customers’ needs, such as codevelop the fabric structure and the cordless roller shade with longer durability >10,000 cycles.

Premium customized market: Selected materials, unique design, and specific treatment, we are capable to codevelop with customers based on the specific demand. Around 70% - 80% market shares to the luxurious market.

Readymade window blinds: Numerous styles to pick up with efficient production schedule. Our marketing and R&D team keep their pace with global trend so we are capable to publish the new collections every year.


NATUMAT has an integrated QC department, following the procedure of IKEA audit which always secures the quality before dispatching the products.

NATUMAT complies with the quality system ISO-9001. To ensure process consistency and improve internal SOP, we conduct the following quality system to well maintain and raise customer satisfaction.

Under strict quality management, we do immediate monitor for incoming materials. Complete process data and quality inspection of the finished product also be carried out before delivery. To make sure the premium quality, it is the must to invest in various quality measuring devices and applying a standard ,calibration system to ensure the accuracy of facility.


ISO_2007 FSC_2020