How to Choose the Panel or Vertical Blind Fabric?

Panel and vertical blinds are always required excellent performance when it comes to covering sliding doors and large windows. Flexible in design is a must. There is no limit in fabric design, available in various colors and textures, and provides sleek and sophisticated look. Both of panel and vertical blind fabrics can easily be customized to match the interior.

As panel or vertical blinds are usually installed on large windows or sliding doors, the fabric must be neat and straight. Easy to maintain is also necessary.

Vertical Blinds Vs. Panel Track Shades

Vertical blinds have been existing for a long time. However, they are not outdated through the time. By the transformation of texture and the improvement of material and treatment, vertical blinds are widely used in office and home.

As for panel track blinds, they provide very similar function to the vertical blinds; meanwhile, they maintain a slightly difference. Learn about their difference and pick the one suits best.

Vertical blinds used to be the most popular choice in office building, these blinds continue to impress people by providing the absolute best function for wide windows and sliding doors. By using a cord or wand, the vertical blinds can easily slide to the left, right or middle and end up stacked neatly to give a clear view. Another major advantage of the vertical blinds is that these blinds have the ability to open or close slats, which allows the efficient light control into the room.

Panel track blinds are similar in function to the vertical blinds, but distinguish from their overall appearance. Panel track blinds are not being able to open or close for light control; however, they are able to combine with different kind of fabric for ideal light control- light filtering, semi sheer and blackout.

No matter how the difference between vertical and panel track blinds, they are both the good choices for large windows and sliding doors.

Large Windows

A good choice for large size windows can benefit from a panel track blind. It offers the perfect solution by taking into account of the extra width needed for the stack of panels to completely clear view.


The most popular function of panel track blinds is the window covering for sliding glass doors, patio doors, and French doors. Just like the windows, doors come with different shapes and sizes. By choosing a customized width and height, you can find the perfect coverage. Panel track blinds can open from right or left side or from the center offering various layouts for different types of doors.

Room Divider

For more flexibility of interior space, panel track blinds are not only for windows and doors, they can also be mounted on the ceiling as a room divider. The blinds can slide smoothly on the track to create an accommodating division of space. Moreover, sheer material will give a sense of openness, while a tight weaving fabric can provide more privacy and better separation.