Relaxing Bedroom Atmospheres

Your bedroom is the one quiet getaway where you can go to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Choosing natural textured materials for a bedroom’s wall coverings, shades and blinds plays an important role in the comfort and feel of a bedroom. Natural, wood grain fabrics create a warm, soothing ambiance, and add a cozy feel to your bedroom.

Natural Grain Textured Wall Coverings

To achieve a soothing sense of “back to nature”, wall coverings made of natural materials, such as paper, linen, and cotton can be woven with polyester to make elegant, polyester blend natural grain fabrics. These versatile and attractive fabrics make beautiful wall coverings, and are extremely adaptable for use in roller shades and roman shades as well. Well-designed bedroom wall coverings and shades will give you a soothing, restful feeling to end your day, and give you renewed inspiration to begin each new day.

Roller Shade and Roman Shade Fabrics

Window shades and blinds play an important role in setting the ambience of your bedroom. The materials you choose can make a great difference in controlling the amount of sunlight entering the room. You can choose opaque material for when you want to sleep in, or for when you want to dim the room to put the kids down for a nap, or you can choose looser woven material that will defuse light, to create a beautiful glow in your bedroom. Shades and blinds made of natural materials will also give a tranquil yet inspiring feeling to the room.

NATUMAT Elegance

NATUMAT natural fabrics are known for the soft, contemporary elegance that they add to any room. NATUMAT provides fabrics to some of the world’s largest manufacturers of window shades and curtains. Their shades, blinds and wall covering are found in some of the largest furnishing chain stores in the USA, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, India, China, and more. The paper and wood materials used in NATUMAT fabrics are sourced from FSC certified suppliers. As a specialist in OEM/ODM manufacturing, we look forward to working with you, and are confident that NATUMAT natural fabrics will add an exceptional and elegant touch to all your curtains, window shades, and wall coverings.