Stylish Kitchen Interiors

The kitchen is where everybody heads to when they’re looking for something good. At parties and family gatherings, your kitchen will eventually end up being a central gathering place, so you want to make it is as warm and welcoming as possible.

And for those who spend a lot of time cooking, going into the kitchen should be a pleasant and fun experience. You can add flair and style to your kitchen with attractive and well-chosen natural textured wall coverings, shades, and blinds. When choosing materials for kitchen décor, special attention also needs to be paid to the durability and functionality of the material.

Resilient Woven Wallpaper, Blind and Shade Material

NATUMAT has a line of natural woven fabrics specially designed for kitchen wallpapers, blinds and shades. They are made of stable materials which are highly resistant to moisture, water, stains, heat, abrasion, oils and soaps. They are long lasting, even when exposed to steam or extreme heat while cooking. They are easy to clean; just wipe down with soap and water.

These natural woven fabrics have the luxurious look and feel of real wood and bamboo, with realistic grain patterns. They come in a variety of bright inspiring colors and natural textured designs.

Roller Shades, and Cordless Roller Blinds

If you have a lot of sun coming into your kitchen during the day, shades and blinds will cut down the glare and soften the appearance of appliances and stainless steel furnishings. Like sunshine shining through the leaves of a forest, natural wood grain or bamboo textured blinds add a soothing touch to your kitchen.

NATUMAT Exclusive One-stop Service

NATUMAT does OEM/ODN manufacturing of fabric materials for many well-known, brand-name manufacturers of curtains, shades and blinds. We provide outstanding, natural-textured fabrics and shade materials to manufacturers worldwide. Natumat also offers complete assembly services for roller blinds and shades, cordless roller blinds, smart roller blinds, panel track blinds, and vertical blinds. NATUMAT FSC certified fabrics are also used in a wide variety of home décor products such as lampshades, placemats, storage holders and more. We customize our fabrics and products according to our customer needs and welcome you to contact us for your ideal home furnishings. Let’s work together to help build your brand.