Maintenance Guide for Roman Shades

Due to roman shades’ nature of softness, they are available in a wide array of fabrics. To create its unique smooth folds, the ideal fabric used in the roman shade is suggested to be medium - heavier weight since it can provide beautiful folds and hang smoothly. Some may need a more dramatic effect to fit the luxurious interior. To keep it clean, here are some tips to keep the roman shade fabric clean. Here are the easy steps: Fully open your shades and use the dry cloth or vacuum cleaner on a low speed, then easily remove the dust and dirt from the shade. If the roman shade is installed near the kitchen, the smell of the food and cooking may retain on the fabric. Just give a fresh and organic aroma to eliminate the awkward smell from the room interior.

Types of Folds in Roman Shades

When choosing roman shades, there are some tips to pick the folding styles that fit users’ needs.

Flat Fold 

This folding style offers the simplest look. When lowering the shade, it remains flat against the window; when raising the shade, it stacks in a neat bunch at the top. It can offer practical light-filtering and privacy options.

Soft Fold

A soft fold sometimes referred to as the hobbled fold, this folding style creates a softer and rounder fold. When raised, it creates a voluminous appearance; when lower, the curved fold remains visible.

Plain Fold

This folding style lays flat but has seams every few inches. It offers a crisp appearance and adds more texture to roman shades. The fold is visible even when the shade is kept lower, and it’s much wider and heavier than other styles. It is highly recommended to use in the areas like living room and bedroom where the shade will be opened and closed often.