Custom Wall Coverings


Inspired by the beauty of nature, NATUMAT's customized wall coverings are with the rich, organic and relaxing vibe. Modern grasscloth is not only with natural composition but also with longer durability. Supply with the required width and adhesion for regular paste or water spray paste, customized wall coverings embellish the space with extraordinary taste and fit personal lifestyle.

What can totally change the room atmosphere? The most distinctive element is “wallpaper”. It can thoroughly make you immerse into a different background and fill the room with classic and neutral colorful design walls. Natural woven wallcoverings decorate the rooms in unique tactile beauty.

Composition Weft: Paper / Jute / Cotton
Warp: Polyester
Adhesion Regular Spray Paste
Water Spray Paste
Product Care Clean by the Dry Cloth or Vacuum Cleaner
Sustainability FSC Certificate / Recycled Polyester ( optional )
Treatments Antibacterial / Water Repellent / Fire Retardant ( optional )
Customization Cutting Width & Length
Packing & Labels

Wall Covering Materials

Our customized natural woven wall coverings are mainly composed of natural materials- paper, jute, and cotton. These natural materials make the patterns soft touch and bring gorgeous texture and sophisticated style to rooms.

Unlike most synthetic elements, natural woven wall coverings have their unique features. Paper cloth is the basis of our natural texture. It makes the fabric a slightly thicker weave than traditional grasscloth fabric. It’s also easier to bring in different patterns and pair them with other natural materials.

Natural jute can have a different color tone due to seasonal reasons. It becomes a unique benefit as every batch may seem slightly different. Textured like burlap and can perfectly bring the organic color shade to the interior design.

Stylish and Colorful

Natural woven wall coverings are known for their unmatched visual effect. By adding vivid and lively layers on the wall, designers can easily find the one to fit in any room style; no matter it’s modern, minimalist, classic Zen or country.

Not only with plain or beige color. Applying with non-toxic dyeing, a variety of nature-inspired distinctive colors are available- ocean, forest, maple, violets and more dreamy color shades. Patterns of the bamboo, wave and string, our paper woven wall covering collections for designers and homeowners are a timeless classics. Moreover, we are constantly innovating new patterns and colorways.

Notes for installing the natural woven wall coverings

Most of the wall coverings have adhered to a light backing. There are 2 options for your reference: regular spray paste and water spray paste.

Like all kinds of wall coverings, natural woven wall coverings must be well adhered to the wall. However, as delicate as paper that backs most natural woven cloth usually requires the use of non-staining pastes. When installing, must keep in mind that the seams between panels of paper cloth can be difficult to deal with. To conceal the seams, it would be often integrated into the design. Due to the natural features of materials, sometimes the color variation from one batch to another can be visible.

Because of these delicate features, paper-woven wall coverings are very suitable for delighting a single wall to draw attention. They are suitable to be the focal point in a room.

What should be avoided?

Natural woven wall coverings add minimalist taste and color to the room. Although they can fit into any style, users should avoid installing these wall coverings under high moisture, such as in kitchens and bathrooms.

How to clean natural woven wallpaper?

Most of the natural woven wallpaper can only be cleaned with a dry cloth or vacuumed. Any moisture in cleaning products would damage it.