Panel Track Blinds


Panel track blinds are ideal for larger windows, sliding doors, and room dividers. Allowing maximum light into the room and have different open ratio of the fabrics, great effect to deliver certain filtration.

** Upgrade**
Most of the panels have instable fabric edge. After a few period of used, the fabric could cause fraying. In order to solve this issue, NATUMAT adds an extra treatment, making the blinds look more luxurious and much more durable.

Composition Weft: Paper / Jute / Cotton
Warp: Polyester
Product Care Clean by the Dry Cloth or Vacuum Cleaner
Sustainability FSC Certificate / Recycled Polyester ( optional )
Treatments Antibacterial / Blackout / Water Repellent / Fire Retardant ( optional )
Customization Cutting Width & Length
Edge Built
Packing & Labels

How to Customize Panel Track Blinds?

Panel track blinds were known by their unique ability to save the room space. As the room divider, users don’t have to open and close the door, instead, they can easily go in and out though the room without disturbing any furniture. With panel track blinds’ modern and stylish features, they can be used for window coverings, room dividers, patio doors, and sliding doors as well. Sliding panels are designed to efficiently prevent UV rays and light from entering the home.

There are many reasons why people choose to install panel track blinds:

  • Versatility

    Panel track blinds are very versatile in their nature and can be used to perform a number of useful functions. Not only for window treatment but also for room divider.

  • Eternal Stylish

    Fashion trends change every year, so does for home fashion. If the users would like to keep their home look modern, it can be a worthwhile idea to consider this simple and sophisticated sliding doors.

  • Customized

    Panel track blinds are not only trendy, but can perfectly integrate with any home décor because they are in a wide range of different colors and patterns. Users can customize it based on their needs.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Panel track blinds do not collect as much dust as traditional curtains. They require very little maintenance and cleaning. All you need when it is finally time to clean it, make sure you use a low power vacuum or a dry cloth for any dirt.

  • Safe

    Many window treatments are operated by a cord which could be dangerous to the children and pets. Panel track blinds mainly use a wheel-sliding system to operate, keep children and pets out of the danger.