NATUMAT is a world leading manufacturer of natural woven fabric and window blinds (roller, panel, vertical etc.), has been selling to the largest global home furnishing chain store for decades. Among all competitors, NATUMAT possesses the best quality performance record.


NATUMAT is a compound term for natural materials, and it is also an attitude of the founder Mr. Tung to be responsible for the planet, making consumers' lives closer to nature and immersing themselves in the environment.

On the material chosen, NATUMAT has applied recycled polyester(rPET) for years, and FSC supply chain has been being secured since 2016. In order to provide a better environment for next generation, NATUMAT will continue the investment on sustainability.



Readymade window blinds and curtains: With decades of experience working with global chain stores, already be able to co-develop based on customer needs and propose the best configurations of fabrics and mechanisms under the perfect balance on the solutions.

Organic Woven Fabric: The marketing team collects data every year to predict future fashion trends, and then the development team selects materials, design styles, and incorporates new functions with special processes, so that NATUMAT products are always on the cutting edge of quality and trends.

With the changing of time, environmental protection has become one of the imperative global topics. Recycled polyester, FSC paper, waterborne resin, toxic-free raw material, are all mainstreams in home décor industry, which NATUMAT has already been implemented for years.


The production department has implemented Lean Production System and automation for years, which allowed us to achieve high capacity rate and stable quality. Full Shuay is making a variety of shades such as roller, vertical, dual blinds, and panel curtains. Furthermore, the window of custom-made by ODM or OEM is also opened for worldwide home furnishing stores.



NATUMAT has an integrated QC department, following the procedure of IKEA audit periodically, which always secure the quality before dispatching the products.

NATUMAT complies to organize quality system of ISO-90001. To ensure process consistency and to improve internal SOP, we conduct following quality system to maintain well in raising customer satisfaction.

Under strictly quality management, we do immediate monitor incoming material condition, whole process data and quality inspection of finished product before delivery.

Investing various of quality measuring equipment and use a regular calibration system to ensure accuracy of facility.


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