Full Shuay has been a creative designer and quality-oriented manufacturer in the natural woven industry. By long term investment, Full Shuay possesses new facilities and leading technic, which allows to development of varied and top-edge textures in fabric to fit the taste of the modern market.

From the combination of the materials (paper, jute, cotton, and others), the uniqueness of fabrics will deliver every family an appropriate life style with authentic natural interior decor.


NATUMAT stands for Natural Materials. The brand itself is derived from the original concept of natural life. As one of the most environmental-oriented manufacturers in the world, energy conservation and carbon reduction are the foundations to process the production. At the same time, we also consider the society as another mission, helping those who are vulnerable by providing job opportunities or yearly donation.

On-time delivery without compromising quality is our utmost principles of running business. We target to build up long-term and mutual-grow partnerships with all valued customers, and becoming a trustworthy supplier to your business. Thus, NATUMAT will be the most valuable resource in your market, and you are welcome to stand with us leading the market to a brighter future.



NATUMAT has got decades of experience in cooperating with well-known home furnishing companies through the continents. We are not only sophisticated at fabric weaving inhouse design and conduct JDM programs according to special needs from customers, but also able to validate the combination of different forms of mechanism with fabrics, making perfect balances on blinds.

With the changing of time, environmental protection is one of the imperative global topics nowadays. We dedicate to sustainable materials to create better life for everyone. For instance, recycled yarn, FSC paper, waterborne resin, with toxic-free raw material, have become mainstreams in home décor industry, which NATUMAT has already been implemented for years.

Manufacturing of Finished Product

The production department has implemented Lean Production System and (Semi)automation for years, accordingly to achieve the high capacity rate and stable quality at mass production. Full Shuay is making a variety of shades such as roller, vertical, dual blinds, and panel curtains. Furthermore, the window of custom-made by ODM or OEM is also opened for worldwide home furnishing stores.


Quality control

Full Shuay has an integrated QC department, who setup an in-house SOP for quality standards, monitoring and management process with unannounced audit. In the flow, operators are able to access particular inspection equipment, to secure the quality before dispatching the products to the customers.


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