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Environmental protection has already become an important issue. The fashion industry also notices it and is willing to find solutions to reduce the environment and human impact. Thus, more and more natural materials are developed and used for cloth fashion and home decoration.

Our factory follows the steps that top brands of the fashion industry go to and tries to avoid doing any harm to the environment and humans. Our product, paper weaving fabric is one kind of eco-friendly textile, which is mainly made of natural materials, such as paper, jute, or cotton. In the production of this fabric, it will be also eco-friendly treated, such as the fabric will be only water-based dyed, not oil-based.

The inspiration for the structure development comes from our surroundings, such as bamboo-like, wood-like, or ocean waves design. Our paper weaving fabrics will be applied for window blinds and wallpapers. Colors change in the fabrics could make its' look from vintage to modern or splendid. In order to make the paper weaving fabrics become more practical to the consumers, the water repellent and fire retardance functions could also be added to the fabrics.