Natural Woven Fabric

Modern, traditional, or transitional, NATUMAT has supplied a variety of fine collections of natural woven fabrics for nearly 30 years.
Combining the materials of paper, jute, and cotton, these natural woven fabric and weave patterns give each shade a uniquely beautiful appearance. Natural woven fabric can be applied to our daily lives, such as fabric roller shades, blinds, wall coverings, and home decor.
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The benefit of Using Natural Woven Fabric

Nowadays, more and more homeowners look for more natural and healthier alternatives for home décor. Using natural woven fabric is a wise choice to surprise clients with its unique features.

Let’s get to know more about the natural woven fabric!

Types of Natural Fibers We Use

  • Cotton:  Cotton is one of the most popular types of fiber. It's extensively used in numerous products as it's durable, permeable, and easy to clean. Cotton is primarily composed of cellulose, an insoluble organic compound pivotal to plant structure, and is a soft and ethereal material.
  • Jute:  Jute is a natural fiber from the jute plant, which is used for fabric weaving. Jute is a popular textile to make rugs and burlap cloths. The products made from jute bring a natural and organic taste to our life. Jute is recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Paper: Paper-made fabric adds grassy scents to the finished products. It is a type of material with lightweight and texture but can be created into wood or bamboo look fabric. Similar to grasscloth fabric, the paper also brings a rich, organic, and relaxing vibe.

Compared to synesthetic fibers, there are certain benefits to using natural fibers:

  • Environmentally-friendly

    Natural woven fabrics are generally more environmentally-friendly and durable. During the production process, they have a smaller impact on the environment as they don’t use as many chemicals as synthetic fibers.

  • Sustainable Choice

    It relates to using materials and resources that will help preserve the earth and reduce the carbon footprint. Choosing FSC paper and recycled polyester yarn is a good start. It causes less damage to the environment or forest throughout its lifecycle of design, manufacturing, and subsequent disposal. Thanks to sustainable material sources, the benefits of adopting better fabric will show positive results in a long term.

  • More Breathable

    Natural woven fabric has a high-penetration quality ability. By adjusting the tightness of the weaving thread, it is allowed to create sheer or blackout blinds.

  • Uniqueness

    It means that every roll of the fabric will have a slight color variation even if it’s the same pattern. There will be a visible difference; however, this is also a part of the attraction that natural beauty brings.

    Any choice that can be better than natural fiber materials? You can find them in a variety of designs and textures for window fashions. What’s more? You can get them customized according to your idea from designs, and sizes to treatment. Contact NATUMAT today to find your ideal natural woven fabric!