Woven Fabric

NATUMAT - the Leading Manufacturer of Natural Woven Products.

Natural woven fabric is a kind of environmental-friendly textile which is mainly made by natural materials, such as paper, jute, and cotton. We also apply the recycled polyester and water-based dye instead of oil-based dye.

Bamboo, wood, and ocean waves, inspired by the beauty of nature, our fabrics can be applied to window treatments, wall coverings, home decorations and more. Countless combinations bring different looks to your home. No matter it's vintage or modern style, you can always find the piece you love. Not only with the sophisticated appearance, to make the paper weaving fabrics more practical, water and stain repellent and fire retardancy functions can also be added onto the fabrics.

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Cleaner, fresher and longer product life. Utilize the mildew and antibacterial finishing of textiles, the fabric can inhibit the production of mold plaque and the odor caused by the growth of microorganisms, subsequently it will avoid microbial damage to textiles. We also provide the test report according to AATCC TM30-2017e.



Creating the night atmosphere anytime, immerse into the peaceful surrounding. NATUMAT provides the fabric which is suitable for the bedrooms, hotel rooms and audiovisual rooms as it blocks out external light.


Fire Retardant

Taking the specific treatment, ability of fire retardance can be added to the fabrics. The purpose of fire retardance is to weaken the burning behavior and delay the fire spreading. It would allow people to evacuate or buy more time to put out the fire. Test report according to NFPA-701 is available.


Water Repellent

Long lasting beauty. Water repellent process forms an invisible protective layer around the fibers of the fabric, so the water or drink, such as wine or coffee will not penetrate into the fabric. With this protective layer, the fabric can temporarily block water and form to the droplets. It prevents the fabric from the stains and spills and easy to clean by the dry cloth. AATCC TM22 standard is followed to undertake validations.