OEM / ODM Service

Made to measure. Our product range covers a variety of shades such as natural woven fabrics, roller blinds, vertical blinds, cordless fabric blinds, wall coverings, and more.
NATUMAT provides an exclusive one-stop service. With experience over 30 years,  our professional team ensure to help you building up your own collections!
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OEM Procedure

1. Inquiry (width* length, specified system, packaging, etc.)

2. Quotation

3. Sample Testing

4. Confirm & Order

5. Mass Production

For long-time cooperated clients, we can prepare a safety stock based on the forecast.

Why Choose Us?

-Excellence of 30 years: Natural Woven Fabric Pioneer

Established in 1992, NATUMAT is a leading woven fabric manufacturer that offers OEM / ODM of woven fabrics, modern window coverings, roller shades, and wall coverings. 

Through the development of technology and modern life, window treatment is more than simple home décor but the necessity to satisfy the diverse demand nowadays. For people who suffer from insomnia, a blackout window blind is a good choice to immerse themselves in deep sleep. For allergic conditions, antibacterial treatment is a plus for comfortable home life.For living safety, fire retardant treatment can weaken the burning behavior and delay fire spreading, so people have more time to evacuate.

Taken together, we strive to meet various clients’ expectation for different application.

Quality and Safety

We take child safety seriously. Quality and safety are what we insist on.

Blinds can be the most beautiful home decoration, but can sometimes they can be dangerous to young children and pets. Most of the traditional window blinds are operated by a cord. To stop the tragedy, there was the innovation of an operating system to prevent the accident caused by the cord loop.

With cordless lift springs, motorized control, and wand control, we offer a variety of operating system options to guarantee children's and pets' safety. NATUMAT guarantee that users who use our products do not have to worry about safety.Our cordless spring system and motorized control system remove operating cords and associated dangers, operating by using a sleek and ergonomic handle to gently lift the window blinds.

While smart motorized control just uses a simple one-touch remote for controlling from anywhere at home.

- Sustainable Commitments

The core spirit of NATUMAT is providing the healthy, relaxing and natural concepts into our life to build the superior quality living environment. We expect our nature inspired fabrics can make consumers immerse themselves in the natural and cozy space.

A good window shade can keep more heat out of the room in summer and less heat escaping from the room in winter. Thus, window blinds are like insulation, controlling solar heat and letting natural light in to reduce the use of electric light or A/C to save energy. Furthermore, window blinds can prevent UV rays damage the furniture.

NATUMAT provides numerous choices to meet users’ manufacturing requirements for window treatments and cordless fabric blinds. Contact us today!