Lift Spring Cordless Roller Blinds


Natumat provides cordless roller blind assembly services, which can be customized according to customer needs, such as durability, installation components, instructions, label design, packaging, etc., to meet the product specifications required by different channels such as e-commerce and retail stores.

** Enhancement **
The fabric of roller shades shift between side brackets during rolling up and down, and the brackets could possibly interfere with the fabric rolling and causing fraying. NATUMAT provides a protective option, not only can it avoid the fraying edge, but create softer light penetrations into the house.

Composition Weft: Paper / Jute / Cotton
Warp: Polyester
Product Care Clean by the Dry Cloth or Vacuum Cleaner
Sustainability FSC Certificate / Recycled Polyester ( optional )
Treatments Antibacterial / Blackout / Water Repellent / Fire Retardant ( optional )
Tests Durability: > 5000 cycles
Customization Width x Length
Headrail & Bottom
Brackets & Kits
Instructions Sheets
Packing & Labels

Why cordless?

All of the roller blinds we supply are operated by lift spring. This design is in order to keep children and pets safe. According to the study, window blinds can cause serious injuries or even death to young children. Home should be the safest place and where our heart is. Do not underestimate the small piece of the cord hang on the window blinds, it can be deadly due to careless. Accidents can happen anytime but no parents can watch the children for 24 hrs. Why not choose the safest window blinds at first?

Not only safe, cordless roller blinds are also known with its simplistic style and function. They are very easy to operate and make the window covering with upgrade modern appearance.

How do our lift spring cordless roller blinds work?

Our cordless roller blinds have a spring lift mechanism in the headrail. Just one hand, it makes the roller blinds possible to operate through lifting and lowering. The quality cordless mechanisms allow the users to raise and lower the blinds evenly and smoothly.