Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds, are the perfect solution for French windows and sliding glass doors. Offering maximum flexibility, the innovative design provides clear views. Matching with NATUMAT  vertical blind manufacturer’s organic colorway fabrics gives the room a softer tone of the atmosphere. These functional, versatile blinds have a high-quality operation to rotate and allow the user to control light levels and maintain privacy.

The best part of vertical blinds is not only easy to use and control, it also gently filters the light with big range rotation. We supply a variety of collections for privacy levels- from sheer, semi-sheer, to room darkening. Furthermore, it also grants the features of easy maintenance with our special treatment.

Composition Weft: Paper / Jute / Cotton
Warp: Polyester
Product Care Clean by the Dry Cloth or Vacuum Cleaner
Sustainability FSC Certificate / Recycled Polyester ( optional )
Treatments Antibacterial / Water Repellent / Fire Retardant ( optional )
Customization Cutting Width & Length
Packing & Labels

Why choose vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are standard for covering sliding glass and patio doors. Today’s modern vertical window treatments come with a selection of high-quality fabrics, customized patterns, soothing colors and trendy wider widths for design. Verticals are a budget-friendly way to cover wide windows and sliding glass doors.

How to customize vertical blinds?

  • Materials

    Choose the perfect fabric suits personal demand. Fabric vanes in a variety of colors and patterns give windows a soft and modern look. Providing the wider, sleek sliding panel shades operate on special streamlined tracks.

  • Light Control

    Wider Window and sliding doors can let more light in. For vertical blinds, users can also consider using light-filtering, room darkening, or blackout vertical blinds to help protect furnishings from fading and to give more privacy choices. By the control of blind vanes’ angle, it can also adjust the angle of light shading.

  • Draw Types

    Just wave the wand to open and close the custom verticals in the direction that meets the user’s needs. There are certain different draw types: wand on the left or right in a one-way draw or split stack configuration.

  • Customized Size

    When it comes to verticals, one size does not fit all. Since every window and sliding glass door is different, NATUMAT  vertical blind manufacturers offer the standard to extra size for verticals.

Are vertical blinds useful?

Vertical blinds are one of the most functional solutions for large windows, sliding glass door or bi-fold doors. They are flexible for controlling the light level as well as providing privacy. They can be easily operated whether need to manage strong or soothing sunlight.

Vertical blinds for curved bay windows

Following the curve of the bay, vertical blind can be fitted to a flexible track and gives a neat look of the window.

Adaptable and practical to any space

Except easy to maintain and clean, homeowners can choose flame retardant and water repellent fabrics for kitchen windows. For bedrooms, blackout fabric is a great choice for sweet dreams.