Smart Motorized Roller Blinds


Modern design combines with Bluetooth link controller. Operating quietly and smoothly, electric roller blinds are the perfect choice for a variety of home interiors, easily roll up or down to achieve the required level of shading and keep your home comfortable and secure with ease.

Join together with innovative technology, our smart motorized roller blinds provide ultimate experience of use. Just one touch with exclusive APP or remote controller, you can filter the light effortlessly.

Max. 120M away for remote control.
Just one button to roll up or down for max. 5 window shades at max. 30M.
Under 50dB when operating.
Capable to work under extreme weather -20°C - 60°C.

Composition Weft: Paper / Jute / Cotton
Warp: Polyester
Product Care Clean by the Dry Cloth or Vacuum Cleaner
Sustainability FSC Certificate / Recycled Polyester ( optional )
Control APP Compatable
Remote ( 1 remote up to 5 window blinds )
Treatments Antibacterial / Blackout / Water Repellent / Fire Retardant ( optional )
Customization Width x Length
Installation Kits
Instructions Sheets
Packing & Labels

Live smart, elegant, and effortless!

Our smart motorized roller blinds combine with beautiful natural fabrics and exclusive APP or remote controller. Users can choose the fabrics based on the colors, patterns and the privacy level they need. Moreover, they can experience the effortless fitting and effortless control. These blinds can be easily raised or lowered at the push of a button. Simple and user-friendly.

Roller Blinds are known with its classic and modern style, they can perfectly fit personal or public space. Here are some tips to choose the right fabrics:

  • Light Control Options

    One of the most important functions for window blinds is light control.

    • Light Filtering – To enjoy the tender light in the house, light filtering fabric can be a smart choice. This kind of fabric takes in the light and gently diffuse it and creates a warm and soft glow. It means to have more control over how light enters and how it illuminates a room. In this way, it can brighten more in the room and save the energy.
    • Room Darkening – Room darkening fabrics are in between of light filtering and blackout. They let in some light, but not as much as light filtering fabrics. They don’t completely block the light. Use a room darkening window blinds can keep the bedrooms dark during the daytime and provide more privacy.
    • Blackout – As its literal meaning, blackout fabrics block most amount of light. They create the night atmosphere anytime, especially suitable for the bedrooms, home cinema and hotel rooms. These shades are often made with backing in order to stop the light.
  • Smart Lift System

    After choosing the suitable fabric, to fully customize the shades and fit one’s lifestyle, next step is to choose lift system. Ready to upgrade from cordless to motorized? Our smart motorized roller blind is the one you are looking for, easily modernize the room with few simple steps. Lift the shades effortlessly with one single touch of a button. If choose remote operation, just operate the roller blinds from the bed or from across the room. What can be more convenient?